Coils / Twists

Horn Jewelry Hanging Coils

Product Code: TW08

Natural buffalo horn hanging coils hand sanded and polished to a smooth consistent finish. These are used for hanging jewelry of your choice, the hole for hanging jewelry is approximately 4mm diameter.

Overall dimensions for size 2.5mm [10G] is 25mm high x 20mm wide. [Smallest size]

Overall dimensions for size 10mm [10G] is 42mm high x 30mm wide. [Largest size]

Jewelry weighing up to 0.5 kg [1 pound] can be hung from each coil as horn is a surprising strong malleable material equaling modern plastics in strength and in fact was the precursor to plastics in the 19th century being commonly used for hair combs, belt buckles, brooches etc.

Buffalo horn has a high level of comfort due to the structure of the material and is suitable for people with allergies to plastics and metals.

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